Xin Nong

Xin Nong

Assistant Professor

Hitotsubashi University


I study international security and political violence using a leader-centric approach. My research agenda is centered on two overarching themes: the roles of leaders and elites in conflict processes, and the constraining effects of formal and informal institutions on these actors. I answer these important questions relying on extensive, original data collection, particularly in historical China. My work has been published or is forthcoming at International Studies Quarterly, among others.


  • Political Violence
  • International Security
  • Leaders and War
  • Historical Political Economy


  • PhD in Government, 2024

    University of Texas at Austin

  • MA in Public Affairs, 2016

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • BA in International Relations, 2014

    Peking University


Working Papers


Hitotsubashi University:

Game Theory in International Politics, Spring 2024
Domestic Politics and International Relations, Fall 2024 (scheduled)


Statistical Analysis in Political Science, Spring 2023